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Workshop on Functional and Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging

28th -30th October 2017 (6th -8th Aban 1396)


This course will provide a practical introduction to the methods of analysis in functional and structural MRI. We will concentrate on FSL and SPM for preprocessing, statistical modeling and visualization of data. This workshop is designed for individuals with medical and engineering background, who intend to pursue a career in human brain mapping. The course can also be useful to clinicians and psychologists who would like to understand the potential application of MRI analysis in their research and practice.

Note: This course is a continuation of the “Functional, Structural, Diffusion tensor MR imaging and tractography” course held during winter 2017. All participants should have already taken the theoretical course or have a good familiarity with fundamental principles of structural and functional MRI.

If you have already received an invitation letter, please complete the registration procedure via the "Registration" link in the following table.


Registration deadline: 7th October 2017 (15th Mehr 1396)



Prof. Mojtaba Zarei MD, PhD, FRCP (UK)

Dr. Masoud Tahmasian MD, PhD

Dr. Habib Ganjgahi PhD

Dr. Reza Khosrowabadi, PhD


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